We opened in 1993 with the hopes of impacting many lives for Christ. We are achieving our goal and as of December 2010, are now proudly serving over 1600 inmates in 47 of the United States and in 3 countries.

321-436-4900 | P.O. Box 451825 Kissimmee, FL 34745

Terry Cree, Vice President.  

Mary Ann Cree, Secretary.  

Lynne Thompson, Director. 

Dorothy (Dot) Thompson, President.

Bringing them from the streets of crime to the streets of gold!!
Dorothy Thompson - President

Dorothy was married to founder, Dr. Ron Thompson, almost 45 years when the Lord called him home.  They had two children and now have three grandchildren.  She has retired after teaching in the public schools of Louisiana and Florida for nearly 35 years.  Dorothy worships at Grace Bible Church of Central Florida.
Terry Cree - Vice President

Terry and Dr. Thompson met while Terry was incarcerated in Orange County Jail in 1994.  Dr. Thompson brought the lessons into the jail and taught about God's grace through these lessons.  Terry became set free of the guilt he carried as an active drug addict.   As a result, a few years later, he began teaching these lessons in his home to some friends from the 12 step fellowships.  Terry became Dr. Thompson's protege' receiving one on one teaching through the Bible as he seeks a degree from Homestead Bible College.  Dr. Thompson and he continued to teach Studies in Grace at Grace Bible Church where Ron was a member.  Terry worships at First Baptist Church of Taft.

RTJPM organizational structure also includes:

Board of Directors:  Ed Henderson, Kevin Mccarthy  and Jarriot Donaldson
Treasurer:  Robert Harley 

As well as countless volunteers and financial partners, who without their faithful support, RTJPM could not accomplish the mission set forth through Dr. Thompson's vision.

Lynne Thompson - Director

Lynne is a graduate of Liberty University and served a year with Ameri-Corp.  She has a passion for helping others, volunteering in a number of ministries for young women including a halfway house program for formerly incarcerated women. Lynne is a member of First Baptist Church of Orlando.  
Mary Ann Cree - Secretary

Mary Ann a graduate of Southern College holds an AA degree in Business Management. Has been a volunteer with RTJPM for over four years, she has an entrepreneur spirit and a passion for encouraging others to reach their fullest potential; as such she offers an opportunity for others success as entrepreneurs also.  Mary Ann also attends worship services at First Baptist Church of Taft